One mic, but you can hand me 5

I ain’t just an early retired graffiti artist, (wanna) B-boy and an eMCee…
I AM HIP HOP, so I just gotta represent
Gotta let y’all know what I mean ’n what is meant
Make you understand how I Hip Hop happen
to be one of the chosen few to still be rappin’

mic check
All I need is One Mic, but hey you can hand me 5

‘cause I’m all-the-way-HIP HOP-live
I survived by followin’ my heart, masterin’ the ART,
no need to dress smart… just press ‘Start’

’n play tha demo, that’s my ol’ skool ammo
My rhymes outdated? Guess you never got the memo
I am, yo, ’n so I was meant to be
undaground, but can’t keep me down mentally

Never planned to be, but yes I penned to be in this position,
a missionary wit’ a vision, on a mission
While others steady wishin’, ’n chasin’ tha fame
nobody know my name, still I got a claim to tha game!

’n still like to freestyle due to my ol’ skool ways
without writin’ or bitin’ it’s just excitin’ like dem days
of way back when we didn’t need a pen
to amaze all rap fiends ’n friends, we didn’t rap for free nor for ends

We was just rappin’ ‘cause we had to
didn’t have to be tuff or bad, just glad to
Represent a culture that was there for us
HIP HOP… goes way beyond love ’n trust

Lust for lyrics over dope beats, cuts ’n scratches
spit rhymes off the top of yo’ mind no one matches
or catches if they ain’t up to speed…
Just gimme a mic ’n a beat, ain’t 2 much else I need

© Edwiño do Sinyo ~ Dub’ CEE ~ Edwin Linders (01-07-2014)

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